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What is a Flipped Classroom 

·        The traditional model of in-class instruction and at-home homework are reversed, or “Flipped”
·        The teacher creates a video of each lesson for students to view before a certain class period
o   Students generally view these lessons outside of the school day as “homework” and take notes on their own. They may watch the video and pause as many times as they would like
§  Accommodations are made for those students who do not have internet access readily available (DVD Copy, Flash Drive Copy, Hard Copy, School Time)
·        Traditional Class Time is now used for re-teaching, guided instruction, practice problems, enrichment activities, and partner or group work
o   Class time is now available for teacher to answer direct practice questions


This is a very unique and different approach to the teaching of mathematics.  Students today spend more time on technology than anyone could have ever imagined.  Likewise, some students are spending less time out of school working on school work due to a variety of reasons.  Therefore, WE have taken the approach of being able to help students on assignments in school, where WE are readily available to answer questions and help gain understanding.  In providing students with a lesson before they arrive to class, WE will free up more classroom time to help ALL students. 

While this approach is quite unique, WE feel very confident that it can work for all students.  Not only will students learn about algebra, they will also be taught the value of responsibility, team work, critical thinking, problem solving, and independent work skills – all tools required of 21st century learners.  Students that take an active role in their education will value what they learn and understand how advocate for themselves.

WE will continue to be available to students before school, during lunch, and after school.  All students are encouraged to make arrangements with us when they feel they need extra help.  Understanding one’s own weaknesses is critical to learning and achieving great accomplishments.  Educators and students alike will face many challenges as we enter a digital world that is always changing and evolving.  The ability to seek help and find answers to questions will become critical moving forward.

WE encourage anyone with questions, comments, or concerns to please contact either one of us directly.  Feel free to use our class website to see what we are learning and how the videos can be used.  As we move forward with education, WE look forward to the opportunity to enhance your child’s experience at Southern Door Middle School.

Mr. Tom Dagit & Mrs. Rachel Pichette

USE THIS LINK to find out more information about the Flipped Classroom!

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